OC02. Nice Guys Finish Dead (Old Cowboys Never Die Series)




National bestselling authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone continue to blaze new western trails with this series about two cowboys, long past their prime, raising hell as outlaws . . .

As proprietors of the growing D&T Cattle Company, Casey Tubbs and Eli Doolin finally have a business of their own. If they’re going to spend their remaining years corralling cows, at least they can line their own pockets with the fruits of their labor instead of making wealthy ranchers even wealthier. Unfortunately, the meat market has seen better days and the D&T’s finances are drying up faster than a rain puddle —leaving Casey and Eli no choice but to procure cash by any means necessary—usually robbing banks.

Before long, Casey and Eli are the most wanted men in the West. Dogged by U.S. marshals and Texas Rangers, the old outlaws slip away time and again, gaining notoriety and being hailed as heroes by folks who have been victimized by corrupt bankers. Deputy U.S. Marshal Colton Gray is smart enough to suspect that the two cowboys are masquerading as old geezers. He’s onto them, but grudgingly respects Casey and Eli’s grit.  But he won’t let that stop him from bringing them to justice. And if they don’t come peacefully, then Colton will teach them to respect law and order from the barrel of his gun.

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