2. Dry Road To Nowhere – (Frontier Overland Company Series) – Releases June 2024


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Some call it the most dangerous stagecoach in the West. But the hard-driving owners of the Frontier Overland Company will get you where you want to go—if you don’t mind a detour through hell . . .

The Civil War is over. But Wyoming Territory is still a battleground for the native tribes who live there. Most folks avoid the area like the plague.

But not former Texas Ranger Butch Keeler and his saloon fight buddy Tucker Cobb. They figured Wyoming would be the perfect place to launch the Frontier Overland Company—a rough-and-ready stagecoach operation that dares to go where others fear to tread. Butch and Cobb aren’t afraid of much—but their next stagecoach trip could change all that. And it just might be their last . . .

The passengers are good people: Colonel McBride, who’s delivering much-needed supplies to Fort Washington, and his lovely niece, who wants to visit her dying father. Even though the road to get there is overrun with armed Lakota, Cheyenne, and other deadly threats, Butch and Cobb are determined to help an old friend. Problem is, their worst enemy—a power-hungry business rival and self-described “King”—is out there. Waiting for them. Laying a trap to destroy their operation. And plotting to burn everything to the ground. Over Butch and Cobb’s dead bodies . . .

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