2. A Time For Killing (MacCoole and Boone Series)




Yankee spy “Mac” MacCoole and Rebel dynamiter Hokum Boone made their peace after the war. Now they have a common enemy, a land worth defending—and plenty of time for killing . . .

There are worse places to be broke than Denver City in winter, but Mac and Boone can’t think of any. That’s why they jump at the chance to visit Mac’s former commander in Idaho’s Sawtooth Range—in spite of his strange invitation: “Request your assistance—Foreign forces threaten to take all. Bonus paid on successful completion of mission. Come ASAP.”  Turns out the “foreign forces” are a group of Basque sheep farmers and a fancy English Lord with money to burn. This high-falutin’ Brit is not just burning money, though. He’s ripping through the land, tearing down trees, and blowing up mountains for his timber and mining company. Even worse, he’ll kill anyone who tries to stop him . . .

It’s doesn’t take long for Mac and Boone to realize they’re stuck in the middle of a not-so-civil war that’s about to become an all-out bloodbath. On the one side are Mac’s army buddy, a nice bunch of sheep farmers, and a local native tribe trying to defend their land. On the other side is a money-grubbing monster with no conscience, millions of dollars—and his own army of ruthless hired killers. Mac might be outgunned but he won’t be outsmarted. And Boone? Well, a few sticks of his beloved dynamite is all he needs—to blow these filthy mongrels straight to hell . . .

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