2. A Threat of Violence – (The Hammersmiths of West Texas Series) – Releases November 2024


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They staked their claim deep in the heart of West Texas. Now they’ll have to fight hard to keep it—or die hard trying. The blazing saga of the Hammersmith family continues . . .


For twin brothers Mason and Marshall Hammersmith, the Twin M Ranch is the American Dream come true. Until it turns into their worst nightmare. Four months ago, Mason stumbled onto a pair of henchmen from a rival ranch rustling their cattle. Outnumbered and outgunned, he tried to stop them—but the rustlers won the fight. First they strangled Mason with barbed wire. Then they buried the body in the sand. Now they plan to finish the job—by killing the Hammersmiths one by one . . .

Back at the ranch, Mason’s wife and son are worried sick. Mason’s father suspects foul play. And Mason’s brother Marshall is keeping his eye on rival ranch owner Daniel Murphy. He has no proof that Murphy is behind his brother’s disappearance. But when a mysterious shooter guns down another member of the Hammersmith family, it’s all the proof he needs. Murphy might have all the money in the world—and a veritable army of vigilantes—but Marshall Hammersmith has something far more powerful. He has the loving support of his family. And a savage thirst for revenge . . .

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