2. A Lonely Place To Die – (Hellfire Pass Series) – Releases October 2024


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Two feuding families at war. One town marshal trying to keep the peace. Zero chance of being prepared for the trainload of killers heading their way. Welcome to Hellfire Pass . . .

It took a lot of guts—and loads of bullets—to clean up the dirty rotten outlaw town of Utopia at Hellfire Pass. And it’ll take a hell of a lot more for Marshal Shad Nelson to keep it that way. This coveted Colorado gateway to the West is controlled by two powerful families—the coal-mining Gallaghers and the lead-mining Morriseys—and their bitter, life-long feud has already resulted in the death of Nelson’s daughter. The good marshal is determined to find justice and keep the peace. But all of that is about to be derailed . . .

Death is coming to Hellfire Pass. By the trainload.

At first, it’s just rumors. Tall tales of a “Black Train” stolen by the outlaws who used to rule the streets of Utopia, filled with most notorious cutthroats in the southern Rockies. They’re coming for vengeance and out for blood. But most of all, they want their town back—over Marshal Nelson’s dead body. Nelson knows he can’t fight a whole train full of killers by himself. He’ll need vigilantes. He’ll need gunslingers. He’ll need the feuding Gallaghers and Morriseys to channel their hate to save the town. But it may be too late. The Black Train is here. The battle begins . . .

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