15. Preacher’s Pursuit (The First Mountain Man Series)



Dreams Of Gold And Power, the mountains are brimming with the lure of fortunes; from gold to a booming fur trade. A man at home in this once pristine wilderness, Preacher knows there’s no turning back civilization now. What he doesn’t know is that beyond the plans of some men is a deadly enemy with far more dangerous designs…

Schemes Of Blood And Betrayal with vengeance-hungry criminals shadowing his every move, Preacher meets a beautiful woman working to bring a rail line to a remote settlement. And while Preacher is distracted by both the beauty and by beastly outlaws, Indians attack the outpost; and settlers fight furiously back for their survival.

One Man’s Fight For The Future Of A Land… When the smoke clears and blood dries, Preacher realizes that he’s in a war more deadly and complex than any he’s known. Agents of a foreign government ignited the Indian attack. And they’ve got far bigger plans and only Preacher stands in their way..

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