14. Courage in the Ashes (Ashes Series)


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I have nothing but contempt for the lawless.” –Ben Raines

The Last Frontier

Ben Raines–rebel leader and America’s greatest survival expert–has a dream: to free the nation from the deadly grip of outlaw gangs and armies of terrorists overrunning its once great cities. The dream is about to become real.

Most of the forces of lust and murder that chose to remain in the lower forty-eight have been wiped out. Those warlords, thugs, and punks who escaped have taken their gangs north to the untamed wilderness of Alaska. In their hunger to finish the job, Raines and his rebel crew ride straight into a sniper’s bullet. Knowing this may be their only chance, the outlaw armies prepare to make one final all-out counterattack on the forces of freedom, whose leader now lies near death…

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