13. Preacher’s Quest (The First Mountain Man Series)



The harsh, unforgiving frontier is no place for innocents. And when an old friend of the Preacher’s asks him to guide a gaggle of wide-eyed Easterners through the Rockies, Preacher responds with a polite: “Hell no.”

But the pilgrims are pursued by a gang of outlaws – and then ambushed by angry Indians. With his friend caught up in the melee, Preacher has no choice but to try to rescue him – and anyone else who happens to be within reach.

Suddenly a battle turns into an all-out war as one of the Easterners has an explosive secret that could get them all killed. Add some stone cold cutthroats with a chilling plan, and this man of God will have a devil of a time saving some souls – and sending others to meet their Maker…

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