11. Preacher’s Journey (The First Mountain Man Series)



Before he became a legend, Preacher was a trapper peacefully plying his trade in the Rocky Mountains. But people needed a hero…and Preacher was the only one around.

Now, a wagon train of pioneers is struggling Westward toward Oregon through the howling winter – and a band of Arikara warriors are hot on their trail. Little do the Arikaras suspect that they’re about to come face-to-face – and gun-to-gun – with a ferocious fight they never expected…courtesy of a wily mountain man.

As Preacher struggles to bring the settlers to safety, he learns the real reason they were attacked – and begins to suspect that the secrets they’ve been keeping equal a worse kind of danger. With treachery in the air, more Arikaras on the warpath, and a deadly deep freeze bearing down, trust is a thing of the past-and survival is the only thing that matters.

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