10. Blood of Renegades (Loner Series)


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LRIn Utah the Loner finds religion — behind the barrel of a gun …


The damsel is in distress, or so it seems to Conrad Browning. On his way across the wide, tall Utah territory to California, the Loner meets a beautiful Mormon girl on the run from a forced wedding — and the gun-toting faithful trying to hunt her down. But there are two sides to every story — and the ones you don’t hear are the ones that can get you killed.

The runaway bride has a little history of her own. Soon, the Loner touches off a storm of unholy gunfire, drawing blood from an outlaw and a death sentence from a patriarch. Among murderers and Mormons, Bibles and bullets, the Loner finds himself riding to a wedding — a ceremony he intends to crash with a vengeance …

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