1. These Violent Years (MacCoole and Boone Series)



They fought on opposite sides of the War of Northern Aggression. . .  But the Yankee spy and the Rebel dynamiter found common purpose once peace was declared. Roaming the wild west, they tame towns and deal death to desperadoes in this new white-hot series from National Bestselling Authors William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone.

Veterans of the Union and Confederate armies, Keller “Mac” MacCoole and Hokum Boone are now soldiers of fortune, serving justice with deadly skills honed on the battlefield. When the law is no match for the lawless, Mac and Boone ply their trade.

In Utah Territory, the town of Brimstone needs protection. Hezekiah Creed founded his prosperous community of Kindred to follow their devout beliefs in peace. But sinners keep coming to town with wicked intent—and Creed wants Mac and Boone to destroy these devil spawn from his land.

Clad head-to-toe in black, silent and respectful, the citizens of Kindred appear meek, content to let Creed rule over them like a benevolent father-figure. Reckoning their client is not as pious as he appears, Mac and Boone walk a righteous path to uncover the blasphemous truth—and save the souls of the townsfolk. . .


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