1. The Last Wagon Train – (New Series) – Releases November 2024


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Legendary nationally bestselling Western authors return with a brand-new West Texas–set series for their legions of loyal fans.


A new railroad line is coming to Hansen’s Bend—and the Old West will never be the same. Especially for the Callahans. They’ve been running the local wagon train outfit for years. But now a pompous rail boss named Arbuckle wants to put them out of business. This big-city weasel mocks the Callahans’ “slow-poke” wagons—and bets he can finish laying track all the way to the end of the line before Callahan’s wagon train even makes it over the mountains. Callahan accepts the challenge—and gets gunned down before it even starts . . . 

But the contest isn’t over. The wagoner’s son, Luke “Tomahawk” Callahan, has returned to Hansen’s Bend after five years as an army scout. He knows nothing about the rail boss’s challenge or his father’s murder—until he sees the newspaper headline: “The Last Wagon Train?” The pretty lady journalist who wrote it wants to ride along and follow this story to the end. And of course, Tomahawk wants to defend his father’s honor and avenge his death. But Arbuckle has sent his henchmen to sabotage the wagon train to make sure Tomahawk and his wagons are dead on arrival . . .

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