1. The Frontiersman (Frontiersman Series)



The first book in a magnificent new series by America’s bestselling Western writers: here is the towering saga of Breckinridge Wallace, a new breed of intrepid pioneer who helped forge a path through the wild American frontier.


In Tennessee, 17 year-old Breckinridge Wallace knew the laws of nature. When his life was in danger, he showed a fearless instinct to fight back. Killing a thug who was sent to kill him got Breckenridge exiled from his Smoky Mountain home. Brutally wounding an Indian attacker earned him an enemy for life… Now, from the bustling streets of St. Louis to the vast stillness of the Missouri headwaters, Breckinridge is discovering a new world of splendor, violence, promise and betrayal.

Most of all, he is clawing his way to manhood behind the law of the gun. Because the trouble he left behind in Tennessee won’t let him go. A killer stalks his every move and by the time he joins a dangerous expedition, Breckinridge has only had a small taste of the blood, horror and violence he must face next – to make his way to a new frontier.

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