1. The Fighting O’Neils – (New Series)


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For Sean O’Neil, West Texas has more than enough good grazing  land to raise his stock. But for men with greed in their eyes and evil in their hearts, the Lone Star state’s cattle ranches are territories to be conquered . . .


On the outskirts of the town of Mustang Flat is Sean O’Neil’s longhorn ranch, the Rocking S, one of many small spreads across Texas’s western plains. Competition between cattlemen is fierce but friendly—until Colonel Lance Kincaid begins to expand his operation. He pays handsomely to those willing to sell their land and livestock. Those that refuse find their lives under fierce attack—with deadly consequences.

Sean O’Neil is not a man easily intimidated. His brother Johnny, a bareknuckle prizefighter out of Boston, even less so. But as the O’Neil brothers take a stand against Kincaid, violence erupts across the territory, catching them all in the crossfire. Despite Kincaid’s bloody tactics and ambition, there are even more ruthless outfits who aim to start a range war to wipe them all off the map.

To save the people and land they love, the fighting O’Neil brothers will have to show their enemies no mercy—with blood and  bullets.

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