1. Rig Warrior (Rig Warrior Series)


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In Vietnam, Barry Rivers learned how to be a hero. In a busted marriage, he learned how to be a survivor. And in Washington, he learned how to make big money, consulting with the U.S. government on weapons. Then he got a message from home. Someone had come after his old man — and turned Barry Rivers into the deadliest enemy of all.

Now Rivers is back behind the wheel of a midnight blue Kenworth — a hard-swearing, hard-driving, tightly-packed blonde named Kate and his dog named “Dog” by his side. With a few good trucking friends. Rivers has the fire-power to take on an army. He’ll need it. Because a contract to haul Sale Secure Transport has plunged him into a world of betrayal, corruption, and violence that is killing everyone around him. And the only way to stop a coming war is to start one first — behind the barrel of an uzi.

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