1. Guns of the Vigilantes (New Series)


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Johnstone Country. Vigilante Justice.

Introducing the newest good guys in the bad Old West. A ragtag team of misfit avengers who don’t wear badges, don’t follow rules, and won’t stop shooting—till justice is served . . .


It begins with a massacre. A crime so brutal and bloody, the local sheriff refuses to solve it. But when young deputy Dan Caine sees the slaughter for himself—an entire family murdered—he can’t let it go. Especially when the eldest daughter is missing. Right there and then, Caine makes a fateful decision: throw away his badge, form a vigilante team, and go after the killers . . .

There’s one problem: Who would be crazy enough to join him? First up is a grizzled old tinpan named Fish Lee, who discovered the bodies. Then there’s the Kiowa, an Indian scout with a grudge; Cooley, a washed-up gambler; Mortimer, a whiskey-soaked newsman; and Holt, a half-grown stock boy. Sure, they might be crazy. They might be inexperienced. But one thing is certain: be it from heaven above or hell below . . . vengeance is coming.

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