1. Edge Of Nowhere – (Onion Creek Series) – Releases November 2024


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Johnstone Country. Where Miracles Need Bullets.

In this bold, new Western from the bestselling Johnstones, a lonely drifter finds himself snowbound with a lovely widow, her young son—and a gang of trigger-happy thieves . . .


Patrick Foley is a haunted man. After losing his family in a brutal Commanche raid, he drifts from town to town seeking justice and revenge. His mission—to track down the killers—has hardened his heart against all men, good or bad. But his icy resolve begins to melt when he arrives in the small Texas town of Christmas Creek—along with a massive winter storm that traps him there with a good woman, her little boy, and some very bad men . . .

Texans call it a Blue Norther. A fast-moving onslaught of heavy sleet and snow, it brings Foley’s search to a halt, but also gives him a chance to warm up with the charming young widow who runs the general store. Her name is Lovejoy Peace. She has a friendly smile, a six-year-old son—and a terrible problem with mean-spirited cowboys stealing supplies from her store. Being a gentleman, Foley raises his gun to defend the widow and stop the thieving snakes. But the battle is far from over . . .

The storm is getting worse. The cowboy gang is snowbound, too—and they’re ready for a rematch. If Foley, the widow and her son can survive the night, it’ll be a Christmas miracle . . .

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