DX01. Death and Texas (New Series)



From the bestselling chroniclers of the American West comes a brand new series of gun-blazing adventures that could only happen in Texas. Meet Cullen McCabe, a Lone Star sheriff, who learned the hard way, that there are two sure things in life . . .


The great state of Texas is a land of opportunity. For outlaws. And horse thieves. And cattle rustlers. Not to mention bank robbers, train robbers, and anything-that-ain’t-nailed-down robbers. The state’s governor, Richard B. Hubbard, is at the end of his rope. He wants to clean up Texas once and for all, and he’s desperate enough to try something crazy: hire a man who can do what the Texas Rangers can’t. A man not tied down by a wife or children. Or rules. Who’s not afraid to go outside the law. Who will protect the good people of Texas at any cost, and put the blast on anyone who gets in his way. . . . He needs a man like Cullen McCabe, a small town sheriff.

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