1. A Town Called Fury (Fury Series)


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Built on dreams. Forged in blood. Defended with bullets. The town called Fury is home to the bravest pioneers to ever stake a claim in the American West.

The last thing Jason Fury wants is to lead this wagon train west to California. He just wants to head back east, where he has a real shot at a better life. But halfway across Oklahoma the wagon train is attacked by bloodthirsty Comanche, and Jedediah Fury — the leader of the settlers and Jason’s father — is counted among the dead.

Before he knows it, Jason’s leading the wagons into Arizona Territory, where the squabbling settlers decide to stop for good and start a town they’ll name Fury in honor of Jedediah. It is going to be a hardscrabble life, what with the ruthless Apaches always on the attack and the harsh country they’ve chosen. Jason knows he can’t just leave these defenseless pioneers to be slaughtered – among them a certain young lady he’s taken a real shine to…

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