02. Hang Them Slowly (Range Detectives Series)


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Stovepipe Stewart and Wilbur Coleman look like drifters, but don’t be fooled. In the blazing new Western saga, these two undercover cowboys get paid to find trouble — and to risk their lives to stomp it out. By any means necessary.

Strangers. Killers. Spies.

Vance Brewster is a hardworking young cowboy. Stovepipe and Wilbur are two new ranch hands working at his side. And all three are caught up in a brewing, trigger-happy Montana range war between the Rafter M and Three Rivers. Then the fury suddenly explodes — in a hail of gunfire the three men must show their hands: they’re all hiding their true identities. With Vance falling in love with the daughter of the Three Rivers manager, and Stovepipe and Wilbur paid by a tycoon who needs the violence to stop, all three are in mortal danger. Their real enemies are hiding true identities of their own — and they’re not nice men. The body count is about to go sky high … and Stovepipe and Wilbur would prefer not be be on top of the pile.

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