01. Rattlesnake Wells Wyoming (Rattlesnake Wells Series)


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Welcome to the West’s most dangerous town. In the electrifying new series from America’s bestselling western writers, Marshal Bob Hatfield is fighting back against a tide of chaos and murder – with every weapon they can fire . . .

Two Gold Guns And A Hundred Ways To Die

In the shadow of the Prophecy Mountains, the ramshackle boomtown of Rattlesnake Wells draws schemers, predators, and desperate pilgrims. As for the law, that’s the town marshal, a former Texas outlaw trying to make a new life for himself. But Sundown Bob Hatfield knows a man who’s slick on the draw can’t escape trouble for long. In Rattlesnake Wells, you fight fire with fire – and a new one has just exploded. An enterprising saloon owner stages a shooting contest with a matched pair of gold-plated revolvers as first prize. But some contestants don’t play by the rules, and these aren’t just any old gold-plated guns. Now the guns are gone, innocent hostages have been taken for a violent ride, and a chase is on into the vast Wyoming wilderness – where a terrifying dark secret will be exposed, much blood will be spilled, and a fast-gun marshal will bring the real outlaws to their knees . . .

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