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New Releases are shown by year in descending order.  Titles are “clickable” when a book has been added to the website.  Titles and release months are subject to change  Pre-orders for New Releases may be ordered one month in advance of release only. 
All books are Mass Market Paperbacks unless otherwise designated.

2024 Release Schedule - Subject to Change

Killers Never SleepBuck Trammel Series
Preacher’s Bloody RampageFirst Mountain Man Series

My Gun Shoots BulletsMacCoole & Boone Series* 
Montana – A Novel of Frontier America – New Series
Dreams of Eagles – Eagle Series – Reissue

MARCH 2024
Catfish Charlie – New Series
The Forty-NinersNew Series – Trade Paperback
Never Let Them See You BleedTinhorn Series – Reissue

APRIL 2024
The Wicked and the Dead – Hack Long and His Outlaw Gang – New Series
The Jensen Dynasty, The Journey Begins (2 books in 1)
Guns of the VigilantesReissue
Kill Me Tomorrow – Old Cowboys Never Die Series – Hardback

MAY 2024
The Man From Waco – New Series
The Back FortyThe Hammersmiths of West Texas – New Series*
The Oregon Trail Go West Young Man Series – Trade Paperback
Colter’s JourneyTim Colter Series – Reissue
The Angry LandA Smoke Jensen Novel – Hardback

JUNE 2024
Not My HomeThriller
Dry Road To Nowhere – The Frontier Overland Company – New Series
Hellfire Pass – New Series*
Beans, Bourbon & Blood – A Luke Jensen-Dewey McKenzie Western – Hardback

JULY 2024
The Whip Hand Hunter Buchanon Series 
The Angry Land – Smoke Jensen Series
A Lamb to the Slaughter – Tinhorn Series – Reissue
While The Town SleptTim Colter-Jeb Reno Series – Hardback

The Morgan Men
– Legends of the American Frontier

Beans, Bourbon, & Blood – Luke Jensen-Dewey McKenzie
Talons of EaglesEagle Series – Reissue

Some Die Young
The Man From Waco Series 

Fort Buzzard – Preacher and MacCallister Series 
On The Royal Range 
Forever Texas Series – Trade Paperback
The Hanging PartyTexas Lightning Series – Hardback

While The Town Slept Tim Coulter-Jeb Reno Series
Hard Winter – Montana Series

A Lonely Place To Die Hellfire Pass Series* 

Edge of Nowhere
Onion Creek New Series
A Threat of Violence – The Hammersmiths Series*
The Last Wagon Train – New Series
Kill Me Tomorrow
– Old Cowboys Never Die Series – Paperback
Heat LightningTinhorn Series – Reissue

The Hanging PartyTexas Lightning New Series
Blood Bounty of the Mountain Man – Last Mtn Man Series
Bloody Sunday
 – Luke Jensen Series – Reissue

* Walmart Exclusive 

2023 Release Schedule - (Titles & Release Dates Subject to Change)

2022 (Tentative Release Schedule - Subject to Change)



* Reissues are for information only and not part of the Book Club
**Wal-Mart Exclusives


* Reissues are for information only and not part of the Book Club
**Wal-Mart Exclusives